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          About Us

          Sports Conduit



          Foot N Boot

          Founded in 2012 by Kaiser Ahmed, Abhishek Sharma, Sridhar Iruvanti, Hitesh Chauhan and Chandra Bhushan Sinha (SOCCER FREAKS) for whom football was everything.

          Takes care of each and every football related activity of BIMTECH, Greater Noida.

          It was in 2014, wherein this club was formed into an independent sports venture by a BIMTECHIAN with a focus on developing the world's most popular game in the world's second most populous country.

          Foerign Exchange


          Inter Department


          Liga De BIMTECH


          22 Yards

          BIMTECH organizes an enthralling event like the BIMTECH Premier League popularly known as BPL among the students of BIMTECH.

          BPL is modelled on the similar lines as Indian Premier League (IPL) featuring seven teams:

          Owned by various faculty members of BIMTECH.

          The teams are made with a virtual auction of the pool of players based on the trials conducted by 22 yards club.

          BIMTECH Premier League

          BIMTECH Cycle Club

          BIMTECH CYCLE CLUB was founded by Dr. Awadhesh Shirotriya in the year 2013 with the intention of developing cycling to play a major role in keeping fitness of students. BCC since its inception tried to make cycling popular by introducing newer events every year. BCC stands for unity, sporting spirit and confidence. It develops the spirit of challenge in day to day life through cycling. Many more ventures to attract young ones are in the pipeline.


          BIMTECH organizes an intriguing event like the BIMTECH Basketball League popularly known as “VARCHASVA” among the students of BIMTECH. This event was initiated in 2014 by Sports Conduit.

          VARCHASVA is a very organized 3-on-3 Basketball League consisting of the following Teams:

          The teams are made with a virtual auction of the pool of players based on the trials conducted by Sports Conduit.


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