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          Apart from the Elective Courses offered in different specializations viz Marketing, Finance, Operations & Human Resource Management, 1 course to be selected by students in Trimester-IV & V and 2 in Trimester-VI from the Bouquet of courses listed below:

          • Advanced Writing for Business Effectiveness
          • Corporate Effectiveness through Theatre Techniques (CETT)
          • International HRM
          • Leadership, Influence and Power
          • Negotiation and Influencing Skills
          • International Business Management
          • Doing Business in India
          • Element of Basic Econometrics
          • Emerging Economies
          • State Of Indian Economy and Business
          • Social Media and Text Analytics
          • FINTECH and New Age technologies
          • Retail Banking and Financial Inclusion
          • Advanced Markstrat simulation
          • ERP for Managers
          • Data Science I – Fundamentals of Data Science
          • Data Science II - A Glimpse of Data Analytics
          • Data Science III - Powering Data Science
          • Data Science IV - Machine Learning
          • Supply Chain Management
          • Business Innovation and Growth Strategy
          • Digital Economy and New Business Models
          • Knowledge Management
          • Management of Business Turnaround
          • Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
          • Business Sustainability
          • International Business Strategy
          • Financial Inclusion
          • Sustainability Reporting
          • Sustainable Development Goals and Corporate Social Responsibility
          • Climate Change
          • Circular Economy
          • Legal Aspects of Business
          • Insolvency and Bankruptcy
          • Advance Business Modelling Tools & Techniques
          • Artificial Intelligence and Applications in Management
          • Emerging Technologies in Management 
          • IT Consultancy and Business Development (ITBD)
          • Value of Information
          • Media and Entertainment Business Management I to IV



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