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          Electives in four important business functions: Marketing, Finance and Banking, Human Resources, Operations & Decision Science.


          • DM-331 Digital Marketing
          • DM-332 Sales and Distribution Management
          • DM-333 Services Marketing
          • DM-431 Consumer Behavior
          • DM-432 International Marketing
          • DM-433 Luxury Marketing
          • DM-434 Marketing Analytics
          • DM-435 Rural Marketing
          • DM-436 Product and Brand Management
          • DM-531 Advance Marketing Analytics
          • DM-532 Business- to-Business Marketing
          • DM-533 Customer Relationship Management
          • DM-534 Entrepreneurial Marketing
          • DM-535 Integrated Marketing Communication
          • DM-536 Retail Marketing
          • DM-537 Social Marketing

          Finance and Banking

          • DM-311 Advance Financial Statement Analysis
          • DM-312 Financial Services, Products and Markets
          • DM-313 Financial Econometrics
          • DM-314 Investment Management 
          • DM-315 Management of Commercial Banks 
          • DM-411 Banking Laws and Operations
          • DM-412 Business Analysis and Valuation
          • DM-413 Corporate Banking and Credit Appraisal
          • DM-414 Derivatives and Risk Management
          • DM-415 International Financial Management
          • DM-511 Banking Technology Management 
          • DM-512 Financial Planning and Wealth Management
          • DM-513 Fixed Income Securities
          • DM-514 Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring
          • DM-515 Project & Infrastructure Finance
          • DM-516 Treasury and Risk Management in Banks
          • DM-517  Fintech Analytics :Credit Risk Modeling

          Operations & Decision Science

          • DM-341 Predictive Business Analytics
          • DM-342 Process Analysis and Improvement
          • DM-343 Service Operation Management
          • DM-441 Data Envelopment Analysis
          • DM-442 Logistics & Warehousing Management
          • DM-443 Procurement  Management
          • DM-444 TQM-Manufacturing and Services 
          • DM-541 Supply Chain Analytics
          • DM-542 Operations Strategy 
          • DM-543 Multi-criteria Decision making
          • DM-544 Project Management
          • DM-545 Lean Sustainable Supply Chain


          Human Resource

          • DM-321 Learning and Development
          • DM-322 Organization Development and Leadership
          • DM-323 Human Resource Planning
          • DM-421 Talent Acquisition, Retention & Engagement
          • DM-422 HR Metrics & HR Analytics
          • DM-423 Management of Industrial Relations
          • DM-424 Managing People and Performance in Organizations
          • DM-521 Compensation Management
          • DM-522 Labour Legislative
          • DM-523 Personal and Managerial Effectiveness


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