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          • Scholarship for FPM: 1st Year – Rs. 30,000/-, 2nd Year – Rs. 32,500/- and Rs. 35,000/- for 3rd and 4th Year. One Time Research Grant for purchase of Laptop, Software, Attending Doctoral Consortium and/or Conference, Seminar at National and International level – upto Rs. 1,80,000/-
          • Classes during Course work held on weekends only i.e. Saturdays and Sundays.
          • Course work is of 18 Months duration and Research work leading to submission of thesis is of minimum 30 months duration.
          • Thorough and comprehensive training in research methodologies for a successful academic career in leading B-Schools
          • Multiple areas of study allowing scholars to research topics of specific interests.
          • Scholar's can choose between full time positions (with scholarships) and part time positions according to their needs.
          • Personal supervision by distinguished faculty members who are uncompromisingly committed to Scholar's success.
          • Encouragement of academic collaboration for addressing priority and gap areas in knowledge of management theory and practice.

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