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          FPM & EFPM Information Bulletin

          Chairperson's Message

          The Centre for Research Studies, through its doctoral programmes, strives towards the mission of developing management faculty as global thought leaders. At the same time the Centre endeavors to transform young researchers into innovative thinkers and solution providers.

          Dr. A. V. Shukla


          Center for Research Studies

          Centre For Research Studies

          The Centre for Research Studies conducts doctoral level programmes besides conducting research seminars, conferences and workshops. It has been one of the earliest centres of its kind in private business schools in the country. The Centre has influenced policy and structure of many organizations through its research output. The Centre offers Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) and Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EFPM). 

          Important Dates


          Birla Institute of Management Technology offers a Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) approved by All India Council for Technical Education (Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India), which is a doctoral level programme for full time research scholar, with an objective to groom talented young researchers to be transformed into innovative thinkers and real world solution providers, seeking opportunities in academics or industry. The FPM effectively draws from the research strengths of faculty members at BIMTECH, who have cutting-edge research competence. This programme is both academically rigorous as well as highly relevant to the needs of today’s globalised business.

          In addition to training future researchers in the domain of business education, this programme also serves to boost research capability and invigorate motivation and creativity. FPM (Doctoral) scholars are expected to be involved as research/teaching assistants and strive to be co-author with faculty members, making it a win-win proposition for the scholars as well as the mentors.

          The research focus of FPM (Doctoral) programme leads to state-of-art research insights. This contributes both to the research scholars getting new knowledge and the institute in bringing the new knowledge to the classroom. Leading Business schools around the globe, without exception, have this feature in their curriculum.

          FPM is aligned to our mission of creating and disseminating knowledge in global context which suitably places our Fellows as future faculty and industrial researchers. It embodies our assurance to being a class apart; being innovative. Ultimately, it enables us to have a superior impact on academia as well as industry. This programme is a full time programme.



          The Executive Fellow Programme in Management (EFPM) at BIMTECH approved by All India Council for Technical Education (Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India) is a doctoral level programme designed to gratify the erudite needs of working business executives. It prepares executives for careers in management teaching and research  scholar as well as in management practice, consulting and development.The programme is built on the executives’ past experience and academic achievements. It helps the executive maximize his/her effectiveness as an educator or practitioner. The programme helps the executives in their current management roles as well as preparing them for possible careers in academia or consulting.The EFPM is designed to enhance the research and consulting skills of the executive. The Programme is also expected to increase the executives’ understanding of research methodology and techniques applicable in business.


          Research Scholars Directory

          Name Programme Area of Research
          Mr. Harbir Singh EFPM Strategic Management
          Mr. Mayuk Dasgupta EFPM Strategic Management
          Mr. Ashutosh Kumar EFPM Public Policy
          Mr. Sanjay Kumar Das Kayasth EFPM Strategy
          Mr. Manoj Kumar Pandey EFPM Financial Services-Insurance
          Mr. Kamal Kalra EFPM Strategy
          Mr. Subhamay Chatterjee EFPM OB and HR
          Mr. Deepak Chamola EFPM Strategy
          Ms. Arpitha Reddy P FPM Human Resource Management
          Ms. Aditi Mudgal FPM Human Resource Management
          Ms. Shruti Batra EFPM Entrepreneurship
          Ms. Monika Mittal EFPM Marketing
          Mr. Saurabh Pradhan FPM Marketing
          Ms. Surbhi Cheema FPM Business Economics
          Ms. Neha Rai EFPM OB and HR
          Ms. Reeti Kulshrestha EFPM Entrepreneurship
          Mr. Sandeep Kumar Puthal EFPM OB and HR
          Mr. Virender Kumar EFPM Strategy
          Mr. R Satya Krishna Sharma FPM Finance
          Ms. Shailee Singh FPM OB and HR
          Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sinha EFPM OB and HR
          Mr. Ajay Kumar Vashista EFPM Strategy
          Mr. Anil Kumar Verma EFPM Finance
          Mr. Chhavi Chauhan EFPM Strategy
          Mr. Neeraj Tripathi EFPM OB and HR
          Ms. Daitri Tiwary FPM Finance


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          The Centre for Research Studies is located on the left hand as one enters the Academic Block (main building) in the Institute. The office of the Centre for Research Studies is working on all week days and Saturdays and Sundays. However, it is closed on Fridays.

          Contact us:

          Name Designation Email ID Phone No. Extension No.
          Prof. A. Sahay Dean (Research) +91-120-6843000-10 304
          Prof. A.V. Shukla Chairperson (Centre for Research Studies) +91-120-6843000-10 315
          Prof. Subhanjan Sen Gupta Coordinator (Centre for Research Studies) +91-120-6843000-10 412
          Mr. Ajeet Singh Rauthan Manager +91-120-6843000-10 365
          Mr. Shivendra Singh Assistant +91-120-6843000-10 316


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