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          Student Exchange program

          Student Exchange Program - BIMTECH
          Life at BIMTECH

          Incomnig Exchange Students

          BIMTECH welcomes incoming exchange students from Partner universities every year. International students participates in BIMTECH’s exchange program from partner institute/ universities.

          BIMTECH sends invitation to the partner universities which offer Business Management Program for Student Exchange Program. International students who are interested apply online within the time frame. The students go through a selection process. The selected students are then given the invitation letter from BIMTECH.

          The International students are allowed to study for a single / double trimester. BIMTECH has  a credit transfer facility with our  partner.

          BIMTECH provides boarding and lodging facility of international standard to the incoming exchange students.

          For any queries you may contact:

          Mr. Kirit Shah;

          BIMTECH Fact Sheet

          This offers you all the details about programmes, living and expenses, contacts for clarification, and general information important for all students under exchange programmes.

          Important Dates

          This provides you with information on dates for trimester, holidays, and academic activities.

          Programmes and Courses

          This document provides you information on programmes under exchange, courses to offer in particular term, their credits, and about dissertation or thesis work. Information on this section will be sent after registration in the exchange prorgamme.

          Immigration Norms

          It is important to apply for STUDENT VISA only for exchange. BIMTECH would not be able to accept students with any other visa. You are advised to be very careful on the immigration and police registration (FRRO) rules of government of India. In this document, you will find details related to VISA, immigration and police registration process and requirement of applying for police registration from BIMTECH only and in the given time only.

          Application Form

          Please ensure that you fill right information only and avoid any mistake and complete the form before the deadline.

          Travelling in India

          We encourage you to learn more about India to know it better. If there is any help needed from International Affairs office for any information, we ensure to assist you. You will find the link useful for bookings and planning for travel.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          It will help you in understanding the important aspects and in planning for travel.


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