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          Knowledge and reports

          UNIQUE Centre Knowledge & Reports

          UNIQUE Centre Knowledge and Reports

          UNIQUE Project by European Union has created several documents which are relevant for higher education system not only for India but also globally. These documents are expert advice, service advice and policy analysis on the higher education and mobility systems of participating nations. Some of the documents are presented for benefit of the universities and other users.

          Project and European Union Systems

          • UNIQUE European Union Project
          • Bologna Declaration
          • European Qualifications Framework
          • Quality Assurance in European Union HEA
          • Quality Framework – Case of Aston University
          • European Quality Assurance Practices in Higher Education
          • Higher Education EU UNIQUE FAQs
          • Key Qulaity and Performance Indicators in Higher Education

          Research Project Outcomes

          • Global Higher Education Policy Comparative UNIQUE Gap Analysis
          • UNIQUE_Need Gap Analysis_5 Nations Report
          • International Mobility UNIQUE Guide – India
          • International Mobility UNIQUE Guide – China
          • International Mobility UNIQUE Guide – Mexico
          • International Mobility UNIQUE Guide – Namibia
          • International Mobility UNIQUE Guide – Russia

          INDIA Specific Researches and Reports

          • India_Higher Education Policy and Systems_EU INDIA Mapping
          • National Quality Framework INDIA
          • Visible Gaps Between Indian and EU Higher Education Systems
          • India Higher Education Mapping
          • Mexico Higher Education Mapping
          • Russia Higher Education Mapping
          • International Mobility UNIQUE Guide – India
          International Knowledge & Reports - BIMTECH


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