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          Advancing the agenda of social business at BIMTECH- Prof. N.N. Sharma, Chairperson(CSR)


          Prof. N.N. Sharma, Chairperson–Centre for Sustainability and CSR recently attended a meeting convened by Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus for advancing the agenda of social business at BIMTECH.
          In order to inculcate the values of Social and Responsible Business in students, BIMTECH is having Yunus Social Business Centre, an initiative pioneered by Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus. As part of this initiative, social business is an important module in BIMTECH’s PGDM Programmes.

          On this occasion, Prof. Sharma also presented a statue of Mahatma Gandhi made by Akash Singh, an incubatee of Atal Incubation Centre Bimtech to Prof. Yunus.

          #NobelLaureate #SocialResponsibility #SocialBusiness #Sustainability

          Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India


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