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          Wall of Fame

          • My colleagues call me a huge motivator for moving so many things at the same time. That even I dont know how i do. Probably, its the drive to maximise the dimensions of life. I do live by the motto - Make the best of what you got, even yourself!!! And yes, avoid things that bring you down or minimise the life inside you. Its not easy. I started my career with Confederation of Indian Industry from Bimtech, even though I got a placement from campus at DLF Universal Ltd, i joined CII thinking working on economy of India would lead to huge profiling. With a successful and laden stint at CII, i moved to Direct Selling Association, which is a global body self regulating direct selling companies around the globe. It was a company head role and i soon took to it like fish to water, working with the most successful companies in the world in this field such as Amway, Oriflame and Herbalife and rose to being the Head of Asian region. From there to being the Managing Director for Jafra Cosmetics and now the Co Founder for Arrowhead has been quite a strechhhhhh. It is amazing to see how i expanded my capabilities to set up companies into India along with my associates.

            What motivates me is whats possible, self development and moving to the next level. I love learning new things and languages. This also allows me to expand as a person. Mostly I am the same at home however i do find it difficult to manage both home and work. They both demand attention and its difficult to keep a balance always. My bext achievement so far has been to win the Silver producer medal at Global conference of our industry and the women achievers award (The best business plan"at Indian school of business. I was selected to complete a fully funded course on entrepreneurship being conducted by Goldman Sach and ISB, India.

            Each person of my family inspires me to learn different things. I adore them. They are my strength. My motto is to contribute to everyone including to Bimtech. In my free time, i like to speak excersize, or listen to music or news on Punjab. I love reading spiritual books as well. To overcome struggle I like towards the Guru Granthsahib. I also love to dance and took a certificate in fitness training and zumba.

            Bimtech has contributed greatly in the way i turned out. Unlike some of the others, I actually chose to be at Bimtech and have loved each moment of it.

          • An astute Academician, Monica Cofounded Sunstone Eduversity the only corporate vehicle to offer full time Post Graduate Management Education to the financially weak, academically average and network deprived graduates, who constitute about 70-80% of graduating youth of India, modeled on PAY AFTER PLACEMENT.

            • Quote from their story

            ‘If you think, you can. If you think, you can’t. You are right.’

            The Story

            • I AM: Learner, Teacher
            • I ACHIEVED: My success is writ in the success of my students
            • MY LIVENER: Be a giver
            • I BELIEVE IN: I Can and I Will
            • I INDULGE IN: Spending time with family and friends

            A Journey begins with the first step

            A simple Delhi girl, bearing low self-esteem and as unfocussed as can be. The only thing in her favor was that she was inherently determined. Born into to a typical conservative Baniya family, although in Delhi, Monica was educated for the sake of education and better marriage prospects rather than to build a career. In line with this thought, she was married to an engineer in Ghaziabad right after completion of her PGDBM to lead a life of oblivion as any other from the tribe.

            Opportunity can strike anywhere, anytime and in any form

            A chance Rotary club meeting with a trustee of IMS Ghaziabad propelled her into a career in Academics spanning more than two decades with Institutions like IMT, Ghaziabad and FORE School of Management.

            An astute administrator, she believes in team work, providing innovative solutions and creative applications. Multifaceted experience has enabled her to develop keen insights about students’ psychology, behaviour and aspirations management. Believes in integrating technology with curriculum developed with a singular objective of enhancing employability and imbibing work ethics and professionalism. 

            You are defined by the company you keep

            The complete team, at Sunstone, except me, was with corporate background, headed by Mr. Rajul Garg, Cofounder of Global Logic, a 10,000-employee strong company with offices in 67 countries. An environment completely immersed in corporate thought process has helped evolve and think beyond academics, enabling quick decision making, maneuvering technology, and leveraging corporate connect to inculcate professionalism among students. Being involved in the complete spectrum from purely online to a hybrid of online and offline as well as purely offline model under one roof, the role of Director Academics has been challenging and satisfying. She has now successfully designed, implemented and also been a tutor in the pedagogy across the delivery models.

            Be a giver

            Sunstone Eduversity has cracked the most elusive part of management education today that is English and Business Communication. Having experienced the impact this pedagogy can achieve with all students placed on paid internships a completely unique model was evolved in line with the vision to provide technology based skill development to the masses at the lowest end of the pyramid, PAY AFTER PLACEMENT. The students’ parents are drivers, daily wagers, security guards and the likes. This is her endeavor to give back to society, what she has received in abundance. Be a selfless giver, and believe me if you will, the Universe will give you back in boundless measures. People will come up from unknown and unthinkable quarters to support you in difficult times. You will sail through and always come up, head held high. In retrospect, you will feel, that what happened, happened for good.

            Never forget your Alma Mater

            BIMTECH has been underpinning her career from the very beginning, not only the confidence, the thought process, the opportunities but also, the abundant networking, accolades, recognition, awards, have come her way. To top it all, her Ph.D. degree was awarded by none other than Ex-President Dr. Abdul Kalam, an unforgettable and most cherished moment of her life.

            She will be forever be thankful to her faculty, her Alma Mater to have always stood by her, and interspersed my career with the fragrance of their presence at different junctures.

            Henry Ford had said, ‘If you think, you can. If you think, you can’t. You are right.’

            Hence Monica says, “I believe, I can, and I will.“


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