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          Prof. Chanchal Kushwaha, Chairperson
          Message From chairperson

          The choice of a career is a life defining decision and it requires in-depth information about the program and the Institute. Guided by our values of "integrity & transparency", we have put our best to provide all information which would possibly be required by the parents & aspirants for an informed decision making.

          All the best!

          Prof. Chanchal Kushwaha

          Chairperson, Admissions

          BIMTECH offers admission to its two year full time PGDM program and other sectoral programs namely, PGDM (International Business), PGDM (Retail Management) & PGDM (Insurance Business Management) and Two Doctoral Level Programmes – FPM (Fellow Programme in Management) & EFPM (Executive Fellow Programme in Management). Interested aspirants can, not only find details of the selection criteria, how to apply, the fee structure, the scholarships offered and financial assistance available but also download the Information Bulletin 2020 and apply online for admissions for the 32nd Academic Session.

          Policy Statement

          The soul of any academic institution is its students. While the students seek to give shape to their future, BIMTECH strives to make their dreams come true.The guiding principle of Admissions at BIMTECH has always been one that facilitates the grooming of ethical global business leaders who are committed to inclusive growth and sustainability.

          The Institute’s Admission Policy is supported by four pillars:

          • Acknowledging merit over anything else is one of the most important of them.
          • Complete transparency.
          • Unhindered access for all
          • Meeting the requirements of the corporate world from the future managers which we seek to provide.

          Selecting aspirants for admissions to its various programs every year, year after year has been oriented towards achieving a right mix in the class so as to enhance the total learning experience both within and outside the class. Admission efforts seek to achieve a ‘class- diversity’ which heightens peer group learning.


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