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          Aim And Scope

          Aims and Scope

          South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases (SAJBMC) is a peer-reviewed, biannual journal of Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida (India). SAJBMC aims to provide a space for high-quality original teaching cases, research or analytical cases, evidence-based case studies, comparative studies on industry sectors, products and practical applications of management concepts.Publication of pure research and applied research does not fall under the domain of the journal.

          SAJBMC is international in scope but a certain preference will be given to papers that focus on socio-economic context of South Asian region.The prime objective of SAJBMC is to create awareness amongst academics, researchers, policymakers, managers, practitioners, entrepreneurs about real-life business or management situations that present executives with dilemma in analysis, and decision making in the face of multiple choices in an environment of varying uncertain outcome. The journal fosters in-depth analysis and learning on various aspects of business organizations, institutions, public sector undertakings, civic bodies, NGOs and NPOs with a focus on the economy of South Asia, and covers all functional disciplines including, but not limited to, accounting, business ethics, corporate governance, diasporic communities, entrepreneurship, finance, globalization, human resource management and organizational development, information technology management, marketing, operations management, supply chain management, societal welfare management, social issues, sustainability, strategic management and technology management. The targeted readers of SAJBMC include students, entrepreneurs, practising managers, researchers,consultants, civil servants, policy-makers and academics involved in research, teaching and development programmes.

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